BATS services are performed with care and consideration for the needs of all road users—motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians—in the public right of way or on private roads open to public travel. BATS complies with all MUTCD Standards and operates in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

BATS Employees reviewing the Traffic Control Plans at a job site


Our highly qualified Drafting Technicians have extensive experience working with a majority of city and county governments in Northern California, as well as with Caltrans. We provide top-quality traffic control plans to ensure the safety of all workers, drivers, and pedestrians. Our drafting technicians make it a personal goal not only to meet MUTCD standards but to exceed them. You can be sure that their plans will both put safety first and minimize inconvenience to the public.
Street view of BATS handing traffic control


All BATS flaggers are Certified Flaggers by ATSSA, trained at our own state-of-the-art facility. They are trained to protect the project work zone and work-zone personnel and to provide safe, courteous, and authoritative directions to the public. BATS flaggers come onsite fully prepared with PPE clothing and equipment that exceeds the required minimum. On certain jobs (for example, when two-direction traffic needs to alternate the use of one open lane around a blind curve) in addition to a flagging crew, we can use Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs). These AFADs enhance crew and road-user safety with an array of features not offered by the competition.
Street view of BATS shutting down lanes and directing traffic.


BATS Traffic Control Technicians are certified in the art of highway and freeway lane closures. They are dispatched in traffic control trucks equipped with cab-over arrow boards, in-bed buckets for cone deployment from either the median or the shoulder, and more standard equipment and signs than the competition. This allows BATS crews to safely and efficiently close lanes as needed, from a single lane to complex multilane, multidirectional closures. BATS lane closure crews arrive on site with a commanding knowledge of traffic regulations, ready to assist you with all your encroachment goals.
"Road Work Ahead", "Detour" and "Caution" signs stored neatly at the office warehouse


BATS operates a complete in-house Graphics department with a full-service sign shop. Custom signs can often be made on a day’s notice. BATS crews are experienced in all forms of construction-area sign mounting, from post mounts, to strap and saddle, to barricade deployment.
Street view of BATS managing a road closure


When the relevant owning agency (typically city, county, or Caltrans) permits, BATS is ready to execute full road closures. Our in-house Graphics department can make custom detour and public awareness signs, often with next-day service. A full closure completely removes public traffic from the work zone, providing the safest possible environment for your project. Please note once again that before any road closure can be implemented, the owning agency must approve the detour.
BATS Traffic Solutions at a Freeway Job Site


When you need to work on the freeway, you need to work with BATS. Our certified Traffic Control Technicians step up to the challenges associated with high-speed freeway traffic. On these jobs our traffic control trucks are accompanied by impact attenuator vehicles, for an added layer of protection between you and approaching cars and trucks. BATS is ready, willing, and able to perform complete freeway closures, with detours as needed.
A night time job site photo where BATS employees were directing traffic


BATS is leading the traffic safety industry in bringing product innovation to market. BATS has introduced the best Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs) in the country to Northern California. BATS also works hard to make sure that the driving and pedestrian public is aware of work zone encroachment and possible hazards. This includes being the first company in California to use automated audible pedestrian warning systems.
An esthetically pleasing photo of runners at a marathon respecting the traffic boundaries created by the BATS team


BATS is the industry leader in professional event-traffic management. Whether you are organizing a fun run at the local mall, or a marathon thru downtown San Francisco, BATS is the partner you want on your side. Our event managers have years of experience and are ready for the tight time constrictions and last-minute changes that make special events special. Bringing our Graphics department into the game, BATS can customize pedestrian barricades and portable restrooms to aid in event traffic management and even product marketing.

Photo of all the digital signs stored at BATS HQ available for job sites.


Are you looking to rent or buy your construction signs for your project? BATS has a full service sales and rentals department. Our experts can help you determine the right equipment for your project. Our extensive knowledge of traffic control devices and traffic planning ensures that your job site or event will be in compliance. Give us a call and we will help you choose the correct equipment for rental or purchase.


Besides the state-of-the-art equipment we maintain for our own traffic control safety teams, we offer a range of products for sale or rent to customers undertaking their own traffic control for projects.

Our line of mounted electronic signage, mostly solar powered, includes LED arrowboards and message boards in various sizes as well as both trailer-mount and truck-mount attenuators.

We also offer a full range of static signs and accessories, all types of channelization products such as cones, drums, and delineators, and a wide selection of beacons and lights, barriers, barricades, barrels, and temporary fencing.

We have a wide range of traffic control equipment available for rent or purchase. Please call an office near you and one of our sales representatives will gladly take care of your needs.

Image of a not so small digital traffic message board available for rent from BATS


Image of detour sign w road closed message available for rent from BATS

Signs & Accessories

Image of Cones and Delineators available for rent from BATS


Image of Foldable Barricades available for rent from BATS


Image of the BATS Orange Plastic Barrier, a barrier erected for advanced, longer term traffic control


Image of Beacon and Barricade Lights available for rent from BATS


Image of the "Absorb 350", a barrier erected for advanced, longer term traffic control