Whether you have recently purchased your very own pool table or shuffleboard, or you are planning on making the purchase anytime soon and you need to handle its transportation, you've reached the right place. We are going to provide you with some useful advice on how to ensure safe transportation and storage over the night so you can enjoy your beloved shuffleboard for a long time after buying it.

Find Expert Movers For Your Shuffleboard!shuffleboard table

  • You can either get in touch with a local moving company that can handle the particular requirements of moving a shuffleboard – or several – or seek for expert movers who specialize in pool tables and shuffleboards.

  • Opt for a service that has been on the market for at least a few years, as experience does ponder heavily when it comes to quality work.

  • Go online or ask for references from trustworthy friends or co-workers.

  • Find a moving service that can accommodate all of your custom needs and move your table in a safe manner, whether you need it moved across a game room or across town.

  • Your shuffleboard will need dissembling, as well as loading in enclosed box trucks. Safe transportation also requires special attention given to aspects like security cables, locks, padlocks, and other similar security items.

  • Moving companies often times work together with local locksmith for cars, as they need help with their locks, ignition switches, keys, or transponder systems. Moving trucks for shuffleboards need to be maintained in excellent shape, and this includes the locks on the doors and the window opening/closing mechanisms. Potential thieves will use the smallest vulnerability or security glitch they can come across to gain access to the interior of the van or truck. This could mean a loose lock or a padlock that no longer works in normal parameters. An automotive locksmith can handle any type of lock on most makes and models of vehicles. Prior to hiring a locksmith, visit their website or give them a call and find out if they are prepared to deal with your particular vehicle.

  • If the moving truck needs to park over the night, the quality of the locks and the rest of the security devices installed on it will make a huge difference when it comes to insuring its safety when parked – and hosting your shuffleboard.

  • Hire a moving company that can also carry the shuffleboard or pool table into your home and assemble it, while also leveling it to perfection. The cloth might need re-stretching, so make sure you supervise this process as well. You can also choose to have a new cloth applied to it.

  • It is best to opt for a service that allows real-time tracking of the moving truck's location during the shipping. This should give you more peace of mind knowing you can keep a constant eye on the precious load at all times.

Should You Move Your Shuffleboard On Your Own?

If you dispose of a truck or van that can accommodate your shuffleboard without causing any physical damage during transportation, you can go ahead and use it. You will need to properly secure it so it does not get thrown around the truck, and security cables with locks should help out in this regard.