You are going to reach one of your relatives just on the opposite side of the city or you want to take your friend out for a special day. Everything looks almost perfect when, at some point, you realize you are in the middle of a… wild traffic jam! That's exactly what can destroy your plan and make you even regret taking that track to go to your destination.

lucky wheelWhat To Do When You're Stuck On The Road

Traffic jams are something horrible, we all know. There's nothing more annoying than wasting half an hour or even more stuck on the road. And while you are there, practically without anything to do other than monitoring the traffic conditions through your GPS, the other car drivers begin dedicating their time to the most amazing things. So, you can see one is calling friends on the phone and telling them everything about the traffic jam. Another driver is reading a newspaper. There's one who is eating a big hamburger. One who is having much fun with lucky wheel online – you never know when you can get a brilliant casino jackpot!

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How You Can Avoid The Next Traffic Jamtraffic jam in Seoul

You may think that traffic jams happen just unpredictably. Most of the time it's true, but don't forget that you can do so much to avoid getting stuck in the next traffic jam and waste half a day to reach your destination. The last thing you want is to get there when it's too late.

Be smart and study these excellent tips to help you avoid traffic jams, no matter where you have to go. Just make a note of the following points:

  1. Leave ahead
    When you have to take the car (or any other vehicle, including the bus) to reach a destination, adjust your schedule and try to leave home earlier than you would normally do. If you arrive time before, you can enjoy that time by walking or reading, or playing an online game on the phone. But if there's some traffic, you won't lose any precious time on the road.

  2. Download specific apps
    Today, you can find a really large array of dedicated apps to help you keep the local traffic conditions always in control. You should look for navigation apps that analyze the traffic intensity and calculate the fastest routes as an alternative for you. There are iOS-friendly apps as well as apps for Android. Just take a minute to search on the web.

  3. Listen to the radio
    Yeah, you can turn on the radio and listen to some nice music while you are in the car waiting for the traffic jam to disappear from your horizon as soon as possible. However, the bottom line is that you should tune your radio on those stations that report on live traffic updates. It's genius if you want to study another route to get to your destination on time exactly from where you are at the moment.

  4. Alternative routes
    by trainAlthough traffic jams may easily solve while you are there, you may always look for an alternative route. Now, the problem is that alternative routes are generally smaller roads that may clog up quite fast because of all the vehicles that turn to them from the traffic jam area. So, before you leave your place in the traffic jam, make sure the alternative route you want to follow is enough free of vehicles so you won't just pass from a traffic jam to another one.

  5. Public transportation
    If you can take a train, you'll never regret it at least as to timing. You will get to your destination quickly and safely, but probably you'll have to "adjust" to not perfect conditions of the train. While you are sitting on the train, you can read, relax, talk with the other passengers, and you'll definitely avoid all the stress of driving in a traffic jam.

Trains are one of the most ecological means of transportation along with bicycles. Opting for a train ticket means to save the environment from useless pollution. It's been estimated that vehicles stuck in traffic can generate a lot of air pollution.